Three parts of a story

I don’t know where I came across this version of the three parts of story, as stated by William Gass:
Impulse (desire) — Intentional actConsequences (end)
Of the variations that I’ve seen in different writing classes, this works best for me.

on writing memoir

“Writers who aspire to make it big as memoirists need to understand that the industry is obsessed with author platform: without one, the likelihood of landing a book deal for a memoir is abysmally low,” says Brooke Warner.*

Well now. That’s discouraging.
Author platform (AKA social media) = web page, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, blog with 500,000 followers, podcasts, a few TED talks, and previous publication. Sorry, no time left for writing!

*Read the entire article, “Memoir, Uninterrupted” at Publishers’ Weekly:

note to self

Instead of plastering sticky notes all over the front of my desktop screen, I’m posting a consolidated list for my writing project right here to remind me of the steps ahead.

  • finish editing chapters: check footnotes, add fixes
  • get total word count
  • print PDF
  • export sample chapters to Word
  • set up author email
  • rethink book blog
  • query agents