Central Park Easter Be-In 1967

We took the subway up to Central Park on March 26 for the Easter Be-In. David, Keith, Toni and me.

Underground Uplift Unlimited

In 1967, after 8 months on a road more extreme than Kerouac traveled, I lived in the Lower East Side and worked on St Marks Place at Underground Uplift Unlimited. The store and mail order business sold buttons such as Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out, Keep the Faith Baby, and We Shall Overcome. It quickly evolved into a head shop.
I would be beholden to anyone who contacts who has or knows of other photos of the Underground Uplift Unlimited, 28 St Marks Place.

The poet Tuli Kupferberg dropped in occasionally. Valerie Solanas brought her SCUM magazine in to sell. Abbie Hoffman lived upstairs from the store.

Tompkins Square Park, Grateful Dead, June 1967

Various and sundry of us, including three pictured, occupied a sixth-floor stair-climb at 608 East 9th, half a block from Tompkins Square Park. In June I saw the Grateful Dead play a free concert at the band shell. Their first album had come out in March.