Underground Uplift Unlimited

This is the only image I’ve located for the store at 28 St Marks Place, where I worked in the late Sixties. It primarily sold buttons and posters. Don’t know who the girls are. Photo found at
https://www.tumblr.com/search/underground%20uplift%20unlimited (January 12, 2018).

I highlighted the sign with the UUU logo on it and would be happy to have more images of the store from this period.

more Allen Ginsberg, 1966

SCRIP Magazine

I previously mentioned (see January 5) the party we hosted for Allen Ginsberg in February 1966 in Nebraska. When the March-April issue of the campus literary magazine (SCRIP) appeared, Karl Shapiro wrote a review for the campus newspaper. Karl had won the Pulitzer for poetry and was part of the English Department. The memoir I’m writing has more to say about Ginsberg’s visit.

Allen Ginsberg, 1966

Allen Ginsberg visits University of Nebraska at Lincoln, February 1966

February 1966 – Ginsberg came to the University of Nebraska at Lincoln where I was a freshman. This clipping is from the campus newspaper that week.

My two roommates and I had the biggest place that anyone knew of, so we hosted the big party for the famous beatnik and his friends Peter and Julius Orlovsky.