About Record of Mishaps

An otherworldly 18-year-old seeking a mystic’s higher understanding flees compulsory military service in 1966, drifting without a safety net through subterranean America for 22,000 reckless miles.

Record of Mishaps is the title of the 1966-1969 memoir by Randy Rhody. At the time, he carried a cloth-bound green ledger to write poems and make notes of his 22,000 miles of wandering (see map below)… until it was stolen!

Printed on the cover was the word Record, to which he added with a marker, of Mishaps.

Record of Mishaps is also the name of my memoir of those travels and misadventures. Below is a map of my route. Learn more about the book at http://www.randyrhody.com. The purpose of the web site you’re looking at now is to store images Randy collected from the specific episodes and characters in his book.

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